Behind the Scenes: Judging on Guy's Grocery Games on Food Network

I've judged on Guy's Grocery Games for a couple seasons now and every time is a treat. The crew that works on the show is like family. I feel beyond welcome every time I'm there.  Guy is an absolute pleasure and a true talent. He is a culinary expert, producer and an incredible host.  It's been surreal working with him and I find myself constantly learning from him.  I love meeting the other judges. Chef Richard Blais was the first judge I judged with and he definitely helped me out a lot. It's such a big job and the first time I judged I was so nervous. He not only gave me the confidence I needed but did a great job including me in conversation and making the experience fun.  But one of the best parts of judging is meeting the contestants, hearing their stories and eating their creations. :) For the full scoop, check out the personal essay I wrote on "What It's Really Like Working With Guy Fieri on a Food Network Show" here.