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What I Couldn't Drink Fast Enough During Pregnancy

Everyone would always ask me what cravings I was having when I was pregnant and I really didn't have any...except orange juice. I wanted to drink orange juice all. of. the. time. Ironically, when I'm not pregnant I don't really drink oj at all! 

When Mr. A and I were on our honeymoon in Italy we had the most delicious blood orange juice. It tasted so fresh and smooth. It was a little sweeter than the regular orange stuff and the color was this beautiful bold red.  When we took the train from Florence to Naples, we drank it with champagne and it was the perfect compliment to the golden bubbly. 

So when the craving hit for this juice, it took me .2 seconds to get some fresh blood oranges from Melissa's Produce.  This recipe is super simple and as fresh as it gets.  This juice also a great base for mocktails and cocktails. I like to add equal parts juice to sparking water and garnish with a splash of lime and sprig of basil for a refreshing mocktail. It's also great added to a glass of prosecco or in your margarita in place of triple sec!

Homemade Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice

by Brandi Milloy


1 serving

3 large blood oranges


1. Rinse blood oranges and slice in half. 

2. Juice oranges. 

3. Pour juice over ice and garnish with sliced blood orange and enjoy!