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My Birth Center Bag

Packing a birth center bag is slightly different than packing a hospital bag. When I had Milly, I was at the birth center barely 3 hours total. I delivered her, we nursed, they weighed her, we cuddled, etc and then we were in the car on our way home. One of the best parts of having your baby at the birth center is the convenience of leaving and going back to the comfort of your home when you’re ready. Therefore, my birth center bag doesn’t need to have nearly as many goodies packed as for a traditional birth/hospital bag. Check out my Amazon store and find Birth Center Bag for all of my favorite things.

In the meantime, here’s my checklist:

For Mama

  • weekender bag or suitcase

  • clothes for coming home

  • robe

  • a few large towels (especially if planning on a water birth)

  • nipple butter

  • nipple shields

  • disposable undies (ex. Depends)

  • camera

  • phone charger

  • vision board or affirmation cards

  • labor ball

  • essential oils & diffuser

  • snacks & beverages for staying hydrated

For Baby

  • diaper bag

  • 2-3 footed onesies

  • 2-3 onesies

  • newborn diapers

  • a few swaddles

  • a blanket

  • carseat installed in car