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New Mommy Must Haves

These are products I swear by especially if you're a new Mom! Keep in mind that just like how every baby is different, every mommy's needs are different too! I also think having my Mommy friends help create my registry prevented me from ending up with random things I didn't use. I love swapping products with friends so you can try and test things before you decide to purchase them. We borrowed a swing for the first three months that our friend's daughter didn't really use but Milly enjoyed! I encourage you to share all your must haves with other mamas and then let me know in the comments below what your New Mama must have is! Scroll down to learn more and shop each item and then don't forget to click the bell on my YouTube channel so you get a notification every time I post a video (2-4 times a month if I can!)

How To Survive a Trip With a Newborn
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Munchkin®. The opinions and text are mine. #munchkinpartner

Traveling can be stressful, add in a baby and it can feel like too much to even bother but I’m telling you right now, this is THE TIME to travel! Milly is four months old and she’s been on a handful of flights including across country twice. We took her with us on two business trips to New York City, conquered public transportation, the TSA and plenty of not-so-baby-friendly places.  Plus, she’s been with us on weekend getaways to Temecula, Big Bear, San Diego and Palm Springs…and we’re just getting started.  

Milly loves to be out and about. In fact, she thrives from it!  Our babe is definitely not a homebody but we also started traveling with her early on and it became a part of her lifestyle. I remember friends with children telling us they didn’t go on trips until their baby was six years old and I never wanted that to be the excuse why I stopped doing things I enjoy.

Traveling with a newborn is actually amazing because they are so predictable. They eat, sleep and potty. They’re small. They aren’t mobile…yet. They don’t have opinions or tantrums and did I say they aren’t mobile?  And they fly for free, people!

I’m here to tell you, you can do it. Whether you have a road trip coming up or a flight ahead-here are my tips and top travel must haves for not only surviving but enjoying a trip with baby.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time


Prevent yourself from feeling rushed or stressed by giving yourself plenty of time to do everything you need to do.  If it took you an hour before baby, add at least another half hour with baby.  Whether that’s allowing extra time to go through security at the airport or allotting enough stops on a road trip for diaper changes-if you build that extra time into your schedule, you won’t want to pull your hair out when you need to change your baby’s soiled outfit for a second time…which leads me to my next tip.

Pack Smart

IMG_7218 2.JPG

Preplan your baby’s outfits (including bibs & blankets) and pack them in zippered bags. This makes getting your baby ready super easy and then at the end of the day you can place the dirty clothes in the bag.  I take pride in Milly’s diaper bag. Everything is organized and easy to find and that doesn’t mean I fill every pocket with something different. I find that you never remember where you put something and unless the bag is completely clear you spend more time searching for something when you need it. I love my goPad™ Diaper Changer.  Every diaper bag should have one.  This is a lifesaver! I can’t imagine traveling without it. 

go pad clutch.jpg

Instead of lugging the diaper bag to the lavatory on the plane or through a restaurant/store/etc. you just take this instead. It’s a diaper bag clutch. You can even hook it to the stroller. I keep it fully stocked with Milly’s diapers, wipes, cream and hand sanitizer so I can just grab it and go. The extra large cushioned pad makes sure she’s comfortable even when the sometimes make-shift-changing-table isn’t and it has an expandable bonus panel to use as she grows.  The diaper pad zips off and the vinyl surface makes it easy to clean.  There’s even a disposable bag dispenser that comes with 25 bags.


Know Before You Go


If you plan on flying with your child, know the policies before you go. If you have a child under 2, they fly free on most airlines...but some will give you a seat for your child as long as the flight is not sold out (so wait to check your stroller until you get to the gate and always check airline policies on extra bags, strollers, etc).  Also, sometimes it's worth purchasing a seat for them even if they fly free.  Consider this option for long flights.  You will be more comfortable, your baby will be too and if you book it far enough in advance, it's really worth it.  We recently flew across country and paid extra for "even more space seats." However, by the time we did that round trip, it was almost $400 for the upgrades.  We decided it would have been better just to pay for a seat for our child to have our own row!  Also, try to book direct flights so you don't have to deal with extra travel time due to layovers and stops!

Wear Your Baby

IMG_7217 2.JPG

When you’re a mama, you’re used to doing everything with one hand but sometimes you need both of your hands, especially when you travel and that’s why a baby carrier is key! I actually use a hand-me-down baby carrier from 10 years ago that my sister used with my nephews. It makes traveling so easy, especially when I’m by myself. You don’t have to worry about where you’re going to put your baby when you need to do something or if the stroller is going to fit somewhere because your baby is comfortable and safe right on your chest. Eliminating having to push a stroller gives you so much freedom!  We’ve gone through museums, spent hours exploring and site seeing and even went hiking with Milly in the carrier.  Plus, she loves being in her carrier. She really enjoys looking around and seeing everything. And most of the time she falls asleep in the there!

A Rested Baby is a Happy Baby


Traveling can be tiring, especially for babies and it can be tough (even for me) to get quality sleep when on a trip.  My secret weapon for getting Milly her much needed rest is her sleep soother. This Shhh…™ Portable Sound Machine is as small as a baby bottle and battery operated so it’s super convenient for on the go. It features three different sounds: shushing, heartbeat and white noise and has a timer.  It also acts as a night light (that can glow solid or pulse) which I love since it does double duty when we’re away from home.  We used this when we stayed with family and friends. I’ll use it to help drown out noise when she’s napping in her stroller.  It was really useful when we traveled to the Big Apple because the portable sound soother helped to drown out any noise from the bustling big city below.


I hope this gives you the confidence you need to travel with baby! And remember that no matter what, everything you are is enough for baby! You got this!!! Stay tuned for a full round up of all my favorite products for traveling with baby!  What are your travel must haves? Let me know in the comment box below and be sure to subscribe on here and YouTube and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you never miss a thing.

My Pregnancy Must Haves

I can't believe I'm already in my third trimester with Little Amazing! It has flown by. We are getting so close to meeting our little miracle baby 7/17/17!!!  I've had what most people call an easy pregnancy-no morning sickness, not a lot of aches and complaints and I've actually been busier than ever! However, once the third trimester started, I definitely started feeling a little more uncomfortable than usual. Here is a list of my favorite products that have been my must haves during my pregnancy. If you know someone who is pregnant, these are great gift ideas especially as we approach Mother's Day! 

SNOOGLE  Original Total Body Pillow $45.00 

SNOOGLE Original Total Body Pillow $45.00 

My friend, Liz gave this to me shortly after I announced I was pregnant. I thought I wouldn't really use it since I was sleeping just fine and already had a body pillow. Oh how I was wrong. Towards the end of my second trimester I couldn't snuggle up to the pillow fast enough. Now it's the only way I can get comfortable in bed. You can use it a multiple of different ways and it offers just the right hip and back support. It's been a God send with the inevitable acid reflex I heard so much about because I can use it to lay on my side but also prop my chest up at the same time. I even use it to elevate my feet to relieve my poor cankles! It's definitely a bedroom must have regardless of if you are carrying a baby! 

VIM & VIGR  Compression Socks $33.00

VIM & VIGR Compression Socks $33.00

I've always been a big fan of compression socks. I wear them for recovery after a work out and love wearing them when I fly across country. They help prevent swelling, energize legs, alleviate achiness and even help reduce varicose veins. When I have to shoot all day and be on my feet, these save me from swollen calves and ankles. They really work and I love the cute designs. And although I've been a fan of VIM & VIGR for years, I saw Whitney Port just listed them as her pregnancy must haves too. :) 

URPOWER  Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier $26.00

URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier $26.00

During my first trimester my allergies were so bad. It could have been the time of the year (winter) but there were some nights I couldn't stop sneezing and my nose just kept running.  My midwife recommended I use a humidifier with essential oils. I found that the breathe blend helped me the most. It's a combination of peppermint, rosemary, lemon & eucalyptus. I would also add a couple drops of lavender to help me sleep. Even now, I will use this to help me relax or create a somber environment while I do prenatal yoga. 

BIO OIL  Purcellin Oil $20.00

BIO OIL Purcellin Oil $20.00

When I asked all of my Mommy friends what belly cream they used, a majority swore by this one. Even though I'm pretty sure getting stretch marks from pregnancy is a right of passage and totally dependent on your genes, I still have been religiously rubbing my belly down morning and night with this stuff.  If oil isn't your thing, I've been alternating with this cream too! 

MANDUKA  Assuage Pants $88.00

MANDUKA Assuage Pants $88.00

Mr. A calls these my MC Hammer pants! They are SUPER soft and incredibly comfortable. I'm obsessed with them! For me, my tight yoga pants started being too tight around my belly and no longer comfy so these were a great swap for me! They actually look really cute with a casual tea but I wore them on our babymoon with a tight body suit and kitten heels and it actually worked for an evening look.