15 things you might not KNOW about me

Whether it's on instagram, facebook, twitter or youtube, I get asked so many questions about my personal life or interests. I'm excited to share with you15 things you might now know about me inspired by some of the most asked questions I receive from my viewers and fans!

  1. My nail color is usually OPI's Funny Bunny. I love this color and have been wearing it for years.  It's a great neutral milk white pink.

  2. My favorite meal is breakfast and I love making killer big ass breakfast sandwiches packed with egg, bacon, avocado, tomato and cheese. 

  3. My husband and I wake up at 5am M-F and watch the news while drinking coffee until 6am. It's our "quiet time" together where there are no phones, no work, just cuddle coffee time.

  4. I'm the oldest of 3. I have a younger sister, Sonya who is the mother of my nephews, Maximus and Bexton. I also have a younger brother, Lucas who is nearly 10 years younger than me.

  5. Three years ago I traveled to Uganda, Africa by myself to volunteer and serve the Palliative Care Association of Uganda pcau.org. I shadowed palliative & hospice care teams and helped with communication strategy and reporting. We visited some of the most rural and primitive areas. It was the hardest thing I've ever done and the best thing I've ever done.

  6. I love the beach so much. For me, it's a way of life. I need to be by the water! I love swimming, paddle boarding and playing beach volleyball with friends.

  7. My favorite food is mashed potatoes. Actually, I love all potatoes-mashed, fried, scalloped, boiled, French (fries)!

  8. I'm a huge animal lover but allergic to cats and some dogs. I used to volunteer at the local petting zoo and help care for bunnies. Some have called me a "bunny whisperer."

  9. My nicknames are "B", "Queen B", "Mrs. A".

  10. The best gift I've ever received was my engagement ring.

  11. My must have beauty product is Argan oil. I put it on my face every night before I got to bed. 

  12. The most beautiful place I've ever traveled was to Santorini, Greece on my honeymoon. It's breathtaking!

  13. My girl crush is Taylor Swift. I love her music and style and have been a fan of hers since the beginning. My dream would be to bake with her!

  14.  I love sports. When I was  younger, I played basketball and soccer. I was a shooting guard in basketball and forward for soccer. I like to score.

  15. My favorite accessory are watches. I'm never not wearing a watch. I'm obsessed with knowing the time at all times.  LOL. And I love big, masculine styles.

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