My Go To Snack Right Now

Everyone keeps asking me what I’m craving. If you’re eating a lot more protein, you’re having a boy. Consuming bread like it’s your job? Definitely a girl! For the most part, I’m eating the same foods-more veggies, lots of water and no supersized Oreo chocolate bars. The snack that is always stocked in my fridge? noosa yoghurt. I’m not even a “yoghurt person” but it’s the only yoghurt I like.  I love the thick and creamy texture made with whole milk and all natural ingredients. They just came out with three tart & sweet flavors: orange & ginger, strawberry & hibiscus and pear & cardamom.  And while I love them by themselves, they are great for making smoothie bowls; toppings for my whole-wheat waffles and I just love a dollop on top of my warm oatmeal. The rich and creamy noosa is the perfect combination with the warm oatmeal.  Check out my go-to recipe below and then click here to download the noosa coupon! You can find the new tart & sweet flavors at Target stores nationwide. 

Brandi's Afternoon Snack


  • 1 bowl warm steel cut oatmeal
  • 1 tub Strawberry & Hibiscus noosa yoghurt 
  • fresh fruit (raspberries and strawberries)
  • chopped pistachios


Top warm oatmeal with a dollop of noosa yoghurt and garnish with fruit and nuts. Serve and enjoy!

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