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AMA with Mr. A and a Little Amazing Update

We are SO close to meeting @LittleAmazing! I can't believe it! So many feelings as we get closer to becoming parents. I hope you enjoy this AMA and then be sure to head over to POPSUGAR FOOD to watch another AMA I did there updating all of you on how content will work for Eat the Trend and Get the Dish during my maternity leave.

Also, HUGE UPDATE: Mr. A changed his instagram handle to @MrAMeals so follow him there! 

Mr. Amazing's Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Every morning Mr. A and I have breakfast together. Sometimes I make him bacon & eggs or a big breakfast sandy but most mornings he is in the kitchen making us smoothies. He seriously makes the best smoothies. They're the perfect consistency and I love the flavors of all the fruit combinations he comes up with! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page and also here on and let us know what else you want to see us shoot together! 

Mr. Amazing & I Answer All of Your Questions on Life, Love & Little A

I finally convinced Mr. A to do an AMA with me. He was nervous at first but I think he'll get the hang of it! We had fun doing an Ask-Me-Anything video for POPSUGAR FOOD and then did a bonus video for my YouTube Channel. Head over to my YouTube Channel to watch all of the fun and let me know what you think. Be sure to subscribe because we'll be doing more content together...showing you our relationship, life with a baby on the way, home renovations, trips, our favorite recipes and more!