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Get Your Pendant Necklace I Designed with Edward Avedis Now!
M necklace3.jpg

Friends! I designed a necklace and I'm so proud to share it with you. Made in 14kt white, yellow or rose gold and sterling silver in the upper or lowercase letter of your choice, this pendant necklace is something you'll have forever and if you're like me, you'll pass down to someone special one day. I’ve always been a minimalist jewelry person. If you pay attention, I pretty much wear the same earrings everyday (these rose gold studs Mr. A gave me on our wedding day), my wedding ring, my watch and a necklace. Before I designed the Milly Pendant, you’d always see me wearing my tiny cross necklace which is also by Edward Avedis. I like jewelry that is meaningful that I can wear everyday. Sure I own and wear costume jewelry and cheapy stuff but my staples are quality jewelry I really love.

M necklace2.jpg

Designing this necklace was so much fun. The custom font is feminine and personal. The way the initial hangs on the necklace is so different because it just flows within the chain. I love how the lower case letters look but you can do upper if you prefer! Each piece is handmade here in Los Angeles, CA which was super important to me.

The best part is if you use code: BRANDI you'll get 20% off. I’m so grateful to be able to work with my dear friend EDWARD AVEDIS Jewelry on this piece and I'm excited to collaborate on more ideas I have. Feel free to share this with someone that needs a subtle hint on what you want in your stocking this year!

M necklace1.jpg